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Geoinformatics (GI) company is active in the area of Geographic Information Science (GIS). It participates in a Joint Venture Scheme with the companies Geoinformation SA and Geocom SA. It represents both companies from 2017 and on and has the task of restructuring and merging their products, services and integrated solutions. GI has been established in late 2016. Geoinformation SA has been established in 2002, dealing with GIS. Geocom SA is a subsidiary company of Geoinformation SA, dealing with Communication Technologies, acquired in 2007. Both companies, were till 2012, members of one of the biggest media groups in Greece.

GI company’s objective is to develop pioneering services and products, setting as its main orientation, cooperation with leading research institutions and companies. GI Team consists of graduates with high educational level, MSc or PhD degrees.

GI focus its activities on Indoor Locationing Solutions and Services. It aims at providing to every customer of its clients, the most customized and personalized experience possible, on every single visit. GI is the Authorized Vendor of Zebra MPact Technology and Phunware in Greece. GI provides Spatial Decision Support Systems solutions, for Cultural and Tourism promotion, Waste management and Geodemographics. It also offers B2B cartography products.

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